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Chemistry 5640 Instrumental Analysis
Spring 2005
Meet: MWF 11:30-12:20, ML-151

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Philosophy: The purpose of this course is to survey many of the instrumental methods of chemical analysis commonly used in the analytical laboratory. The lectures will be a mixture of practical, theoretical, and instrumental topics. Reading the book is an essential component of the class. But in addition to the lectures based on the book, we should have time to go into more detail on certain topics.

Learning Objectives:

Grades: There will be three equal-valued examinations. The first two wil be take-home examinations. The finial wil be the ACS standard examination in instrumental analysis. All examinations are worth 100 points for a total of 300 points. Grades will be based on the percent score of the average of these examinations. The university grading system will be used to assign letter grades based on the % score. Letter grades may be curved (to the students favor only) if the class as a whole does not perform well on the examinations and if some questions are found to be too difficult.

Withdrawal Policy: This course will follow the University policy on withdrawals stated in the current Undergraduate Catalog. Drop dates are listed in the current Schedule of Classes.

Missed Examination Policy: Students may be excused from an examination in cases of emergency. Documentation must be supplied to be excused. In cases of excused absence, grades will be assigned based on % of adjusted total score. No repetition of examinations is permitted.

Attendance Policy: Attendance will not be taken. Attendance is mandatory for successful performance in this course.

Student Disability Statement: Any student with a disability that requires accommodations must contact the Instructor. The disability must be documented by the Disability Resource Center. Course materials may be requested in alternative formats.

Material: A schedule of class material follows. The reading is listed in parenthesis.



Electrochemical Analysis:



Examinations for 2005 class:


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Yahoo links to chemical analysis instrumentation manufacturers.

Some "big-name" manufacturers


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