Dr. Jared K. Olson

Adjunct Faculty

Email: Jared.Olson@aggiemail.usu.edu


Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Utah State University, 2010
MBA, Finance, Westminster College, 2006
M.S., Physics, University of Utah, 2004
B.S., Physics, University of Utah, 2002

List of Publications

Publications, Patents, and Citations via Google Scholar

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US Patent 7,609,073 Devices and Methods for Measuring the Volume Resistivity of Energetic Materials

US Patent 7,810,421 Methods of Preventing Initiation of Explosive Devices

US Patent 8,286,557 Projectiles for Marking Targets, Methods of Manufacturing the Same, and Methods of Utilizing the Same

US Patent 8,359,978 Projectiles for Marking Targets and Methods of Manufacturing Such Projectiles

US Patent Application Infrared Signature Matching System, Control Circuit, and Related Method

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